About Us

Guanheng is a leading manufacturer of shop furniture and fixture. It has been providing service for over 10 years.
With manufacturing facilities and offices located in Hong Kong and China, we continue to advance manufacturing technology
and give our service to clients in China, South East Asia, Oceania, America and Europe.

We go beyond manufacturing shop fixtures, we help customers improve brand images through joinery, metal fixtures, logo,
material selection and overall fixtures installation. We put all our effort in helping our customers to increase the value of their brands,
gain competitive advantage, and develop better market share.

Through our highly systematic management routine and cutting edge production equipment, our clients can minimize the adverse
health and environmental impact of their products and processes for the benefit of society as well. Guanheng is working on providing
high standard service and products to every client all over the world. We make sure every product carries our promises to
quality and clients to meet the requirement from clients.